About Lead Generation

The Importance of Generating Leads

Often, irrespective of what industry your company works in, this can be a struggle. You might have a good range of services and products to offer other businesses, along with a skilled and committed workforce. However, all this counts for little, if you do not have a good lead generation birmingham system that your sales personnel can depend on. Here are some of the best approaches available.

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Online Directories

In the past (and to some degree today), a city's Yellow Pages were the best method for generating leads. Now that the new Yellow Pages have gone online, it is easy for your sales staff to access this from their respective locations. After you purchase a subscription, depending on the particular package chosen, you can look through thousands of companies that are listed in the directory. Frequently, sales people travel around a lot, so having online access to such an extensive business database is very helpful. Most (if not all) of your sales staff should own a smartphone. Thus, you just have to give them access to this amazing resource, and they can start using it to generate leads. Several Yellow Pages providers make sorting through businesses easy. They allow you to conduct searches and filtre your results down, depending on criteria like number of staff, post code and sector. Also, the majority of directories offer the most recent contact details for businesses. This includes (but is not restricted to) the telephone number of the head office. Historically, this was an issue with paper Yellow Pages directories because often, the telephone numbers listed would be out of date.

Social Networks for Businesses

Social networks like LinkedIn are very popular, due to the platform they offer for business networking. Countless numbers of professionals sign up here to make contacts, further their careers or expand their business. Hence, there is no doubt that you will capture a sizable of amount of your business by setting up a profile on this website too. Social networks for professionals are particularly good, because everyone who signs up to them is receptive to the idea of collaborating for mutual benefit. These networks represent part of a company's public face. Therefore, often, they will have more accurate contact details, which is helpful for generating leads.


Finally, there are specialist service providers online, that claim to be able to help your company's Lead Generation efforts. These service providers adopt rather creative approaches to assist you with capturing leads. Some providers will take over the whole job of identifying leads from your regular sales department. You just have to inform them about what you require. For example, you could request that a lead generation provider gives you the contact details of one hundred different businesses. This might include the names, emails, telephone numbers and more. These providers will do all of the necessary lead generating tasks, such as telephoning, visiting company premises, and using their own private network to get you more leads.